“Unlike a lot of trailer sound design libraries, every folder in ATS1 is full of super usable sounds that instantly inspire new track ideas. The Omnisphere UI means it’s quick and easy to adjust the levels of each layer, or trigger filters with a controller, which makes implementing any of the patches into your production incredibly fast. It's is a steal for the amount of use you’ll get out it!” 

- Mark Petrie
Award Winning Trailer, Film and TV Composer known for theatrical Trailers Like: Guardians of the Galaxy, Life of Pi, Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol, Sherlock Holmes, Avengers & Venom

“Visceral Instrument's ATS1 is intense and in your face! It Overcomes the challenge of cutting through dense mixes… Loads of the kind of dark textures I hunt and kill for.”
SESAC awards winning TV and Trailer Composer of Consumer 101, Vacation Creation and many other hit shows
"A great addition of dramatic impacts in my template. This collection sounds modern and will be very useful to enhance aggressive type action cues. The fidelity is impressive."

- Danny Lux
Emmy Nominated TV and Film Composer of Grey Anatomy, Manifest and countless other hit shows

"ATS1 is one of those rare products that sounds mind-blowing right out of the gate. Every patch is massive sounding and totally use-able in a wide variety of styles. These guys know what they're doing! You can tell right away the Visceral team is made up of seasoned composers themselves, because the sounds make total sense and fill a much needed gap for every composer and sound designer out there looking for incredible sounding hits, transitions, swells and much more. Love this product and can't wait to hear what's next!"

- Ron Komie
Clio, BMI & 2-Time Emmy Winner of Guiding Light