Aggressive Trailer Sounds Vol. 1 - [ATS1]


Aggressive Trailer Sounds Vol. 1 - [ATS1] features hundreds of Raw, Impactful, Urgent & Original sounds designed for Trailers and Film! With Barbaric Braaams, Brutal Bowings, Deathly Drops, Disruptive Downers, Huge Hits, Transitions and Wrathful Whooshes, these are the patches you will reach for when you need that epic cinematic signature!

ATS1v3 contains 25 Multis, 194 patches & 267 "NEW" user sound sources!
Created By: Devin Powers & Dan Brown Jr


Easy Installation Steps

1. Download your new Visceral Instruments product to your desktop.
2. Navigate to your new Visceral Instruments - file and unzip it unto your desktop.
3. Launch the DAW of your choice.
4. Inside of your DAW, create 1 stereo instrument track and instantiate Omnisphere 2.6 or Higher.
5. Click on the Utility "Cog Wheel" located at the top of Omnisphere.
6. Scroll down and click on: Install .omnisphere located near the bottom of the list.
7. Click Continue on the pop-up
8. Navigate to your VisceralInstruments_ATS1_v2.omnisphere saved on your desktop and click it to activate the "Open Button" and click "Open."
9. Your new sounds will install and you can find them by clicking "Directory" in Omnisphere and selecting "User Directories" at the bottom.
10. Make better music! Enjoy!

Requires Omnisphere 2.6 or Higher
Purchase Omnisphere Here:
1.2 GB of Disk Space

Collections: Omnisphere Add-Ons

Type: ATS